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A Synopsis of
A full length play by Hugh Aaron

Ben Ransom is caught inflating the sales figures and profits of his closely held company, resulting in the bank taking over the reins. Ben is disgraced and brings dishonor on his family, especially his son who is an executive with the company, and his daughter, a stock broker who has been recommending the company's stock to her customers. He tries to start over, but his reputation is so sullied that no one will back him. Feeling hopeless, he concocts a scheme. In league with his mistress, Ben fakes his death by disappearing during an ocean swim, thereby leaving a tidy insurance benefit to his wife who believes he has committed suicide.

Ben and his artist mistress, Lily, take off for a South Pacific Island and assume new identities. There she plans to paint while Ben would be her agent. But their disguise is foiled by a determined insurance investigator who, based on a telltale piece of evidence, suspects that Ben is alive. He pursues the couple, just missing them at several locations, until he hunts them down in the island. Unhappy and bored with their life on the island, the couple realize they can't escape forever and agree to return home with their pursuer regardless of the punishment that they expect to face. But then the investigator reports another crime, and it's not by Ben, but rather by someone with whom the audience is familiar.

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