A collection of five novellas

by Hugh Aaron

308pp, 6" x 9", ISBN 1-4137-8487-9
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A collection of five novellas:

Doctor Banner's Garden: A retired elderly professor, whose life is coming to a close, and her female cohort are rejuvenated when three young college students enter their lives.
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Family Agendas: A Jewish son is tricked into taking over the family business in a ruse to break up his relationship with a Catholic girl. A story about generational conflict, aging and letting go.
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Ambition deals with racial prejudice in business, the seeking of power, and liberal hypocrisy. Can business overcome black and white prejudice in our greater society?
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The Ultimate Success: A businessman, well respected in his community, commits fraud, bringing disgrace on himself and his family. A tale of self-destruction.
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A Son's Father, a Father's Son: A Tale of Two Wars is about the tragic consequences wrought by war on an American family concerning events during WWII and Vietnam.
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