Suzy, Fair Suzy

by Hugh Aaron

On a cool summer eve
When the sun was still dying
And the birds had stopped flying
Through the boughs of the trees,
Came a cry from fair Suzy,
"Mommy, where is my dolly?
She is not in my bed."
"Did you hear what she said?"
Said her Daddy to Mommy,
"The dolly, it seems,
Is not in her bed."

To her room went her mommy
With a soft pitter-patter,
And the darkness did scatter
As she turned on the light.
"Fair Suzy," she said,
"Dear, what is the matter?"
"Mommy, where is my dolly?
She is not in my bed."
Like a cloudburst in August
Suzy's brown eyes did shed
A million and one tears
At what she'd just said.

Among doggies and kitties
And teddys that slept
Our Suzy, fair Suzy
Stood there and wept.
Mommy searched for the dolly;
She searched everywhere.
Oh Suzy, poor Suzy,
What dolly would dare
Forget how you loved her?
Dear, it is not fair.

On a cool summer night
When the moon arose steep
And the birds were asleep
In the boughs of the trees,
Her Mommy called Daddy,
"Oh, Daddy, oh Daddy,
Come look for the dolly.
She is not in the bed."

So Daddy did enter
Her room all aglitter
By now from three lights.
And Suzy did laugh,
For no one was fitter
Than Daddy to give
His Suzy delight.

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