One Act Plays
The Liebestod
Three characters. Fifteen minutes. A business executive tries to make out with his young secretary. A play about sexual harassment, it portrays both parties sympathetically.
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Turned Tables
Four characters. Twelve minutes. A salesman on a visit to a South American country to sell his wares is subjected to a severe interrogation during which he comes to realize his own emptiness.
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A Topnotch Man
Two characters. Twenty minutes. A retired college professor seeks a loan from a former student who has become a successful businessman. Revelations of their past surface, leading to a damaging confrontation.
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Dinner with Daddy
Three characters. Fifteen minutes. Upon discovering that her father had been unfaithful to her mother, an 18 year old daughter, disillusioned, confronts her father.

A one act play. Six characters. Thirty minutes. Set in the 1950s, a homosexual young man marries a young woman in an attempt to appear heterosexual, ending in tragedy.

Four characters. Twelve minutes. A businessman, thinking he is having a heart attack, takes himself to the emergency ward of a hospital. He is diagnosed as having an anxiety attack due to the pressure imposed on him by the imminent failure of his business.
Children Should Be Neither Seen nor Heard
Three characters. Six minutes. A child wins over a straight laced college professor who can't abide children.
Settling Matters
Three characters. Ten minutes. A son leaves his father's business and takes a job with a competitor resulting in tragic consequences.

Visiting Chicago
Three characters. Three minutes. A young boy finds Chicago lacking a place that God built such as the woods behind his house.

The Most Beautiful Capital in
the Whole Wide World

Three characters. Four minutes. A boy visiting his state's senator with his father seeks answers about the national debt much to the Senator's chagrin.

Full Length Plays
A Son's Father, A Father's Son
Eight characters. One hundred minutes. A story about the tragic consequences wrought by war on innocent participants. A celebrity father and his son find common ground in their respective shocking experiences in World War II and the war in Vietnam.
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Eight characters. Ninety-five minutes. A tale of racial and religious prejudice in business, and the seeking of power. A liberal minded business executive discovers his own prejudice.

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Doctor Banner's Garden
Nine characters. One hundred minutes. A retired elderly professor and her cohort are rejuvenated when three young college students enter their lives. The students, marveling at what these women have accomplished in their revealed pasts, come to seek their counsel. It is set in 1947 Chicago.

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Family Agendas
Six characters. Ninety minutes. A serio-comedy. A Jewish son marries a Catholic girl against his mother's wishes. His father does not keep his promise to turn the family business over to him. These age-old conflicts are resolved in this play.

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A Raging Flame
Fifteen characters. Ninety minutes. The story of a businessman's experiences running a business, his conflicts and relationships, his failures and successes.

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Twelve characters. Ninety-five minutes. The story of a CEO's dealings with partners, employees and scheming outsiders seeking to acquire his company.

The Ultimate Success
Ten characters. One Hundred minutes. A serio-comedy. A businessman is caught inflating the profits of his company bringing disgrace on himself and dishonor on his family. He fakes a suicide and runs off with his mistress to evade punishment and is caught.
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