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©2004 by Hugh Aaron
A stage play

The play shows the audience in real-time how things happen in business. It covers the life of a company from its inception to its demise. Driving from moment to moment, propelling the protagonist forward, the story puts the reader in the CEO's skin. Business problems pile on as quickly as solutions are found. Personal crises occur, and many remain unresolved.

The play provides a unique window on the life of the CEO, and its impact on those - his wife, his mistress, and his employees who depend on his support and leadership. It tells of the double-dealings, the betrayals and petty dishonesties, as well as the acts of generosity, trust and loyalty that occur in his relationships. Revealing his deepest conflicts, fears and doubts, brutally self-aware, the protagonist is driven to succeed.

The play is also an emotionally honest account of the price a CEO pays for success. The play ends with the CEO's failure but his spirit survives, his raging flame still intact.

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