by Hugh Aaron

My Life with Words is a collection of essays, short stories, classic movie reviews, and poems. On approaching his ninth decade Aaron has compiled this volume of such disparate writings because he believes these short pieces deserve to be shared. Will his writings be of interest to current and future generations? Hopefully yes, because they provide a view into what was happening on this planet and why over the course of a long lifetime. As the sages suggest, to understand the present one needs to know the past.
Reader comments: "It has been a wonderful ride reading it all." "Hugh Aaron's book is truly a modern odyssey of both a man and his time." "Reading My Life With Words is like sitting down with fine conversation and a good cup of coffee." "It is a trip of ideas and wisdom that come with age and experience. It is almost as good as the real thing." 269 pages. $19.95

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How to Win Managing a Company
through Hard and Easy Times

by Hugh Aaron
- Concrete and powerful essays on how to run a business, based on experience, not theory. This book is being used in business school classrooms; some chapters have been copied entirely into other texts. Eight of its 68 sub-chapters were published in the Manager's Journal column of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. Some comments from readers and reviewers: "knocking my socks off, a jewel," "A delightful book, I like its direct and refreshing style, as well as the validity of his examples and the honesty of his reactions." "an engaging business memoir," "candid and wise," "refreshingly unacademic, so effective as a tutorial manual for running businesses today."
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A Father's Journey across America with His Son
by Max Barnet
- An excruciatingly honest journal. Fathers, sons and mothers are responding emotionally to this true account. Once they begin, they're hooked. Reader and reviewer comments: "captivating and uplifting," "Its insights and the lessons it teaches should appeal to anyone with a longing for the reflections and refuge of the road." "Outlines the struggles and joys of the relationship between child and parent and speaks to everyone of us." "The real journey is across uncharted feelings between Harry and Danny." "Continues in the great American literary tradition of philosophical travelogues." "A satisfying, readable trip, written from the heart."
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A Young Man's Discovery of the World

by Hugh Aaron
- Almost 1,000 WWII letters written home by a young Seabee, taking the reader from the first day at boot camp to the day he returns from the Southwest Pacific. Together they are a character study of a young man coming of age. Written on the scene, they are also a window on the times. Readers and reviewers describe this book as "palpably real," "a remarkable history," "a commitment," "a portrait of a complex and amazing young man." Includes sixteen pages of photographs and fifty-nine pages of notes on events and personalities of the era.
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