by Emil Willimetz

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The Story:
Gringo, THE MAKING OF A REBEL is Willimetz's sensitive and candid autobiography covering the 1920s through the 1950s, a revealing story of a passionate young man growing up through the Great Depression, fighting in Europe in World War II, and becoming an ardent activist for labor unions and the civil rights movement.

Comments from Readers:
Pundit Thomas Carlyle once wrote that "a well-written life is as rare as a well-spent one" and he was right. Then along comes Emil Willimetz, a man who was able to achieve both qualities.
-Bill Bushnell, Central Maine Newspapers

Gringo, THE MAKING OF A REBEL is so full of life and vivid description that at many times I forgot it was autobiographical and thought it was fiction. But future authors wishing to set their work in the time period covering the 1920s to 1960 in the United States would find this an excellent resource, as revealing of the time as the works of Studs Terkel, with the same easy, unmannered style of writing.
-Georgeanne Davis, The Free Press

There is one overriding characteristic to Willimetz's personality that shines on every page of Gringo, THE MAKING OF A REBEL. He was a passionate man of principle. Readers of this book will be reminded of the many good reasons for the formation of labor unions. The chapters about World War II experiences will grip the reader.
-Chuck Veeder, Bangor Daily News

This book gives a powerful flavor of the Depression and immediate post-war years; and of the author's struggles to find a place for himself, an independent young man with ideas greatly out of sync with the reactionary thinking he encountered during his education and early life. His was a difficult way to grow up. I doubt that many modern children, plunged into the poverty and challenges Willimetz experienced as a youth, would know how to make it.
-David Grima, Courier Gazette

What a remarkable life he had. I found the book fascinating and I hope it will be read by many people. It is touching and inspiring at the same time.
-Howard Zinn, Author of "A People's History of the United States"

This is no American story. The fabric of our land is woven from many individual stories. The texture of our nation is constantly rewoven by the life stories such as THE MAKING OF A REBEL by Emil Willimetz who invites you to experience the ever changing American story. It is only by reading such powerful accounts as this one can we understand the nation in which we live and continue to change.
-Donald M. Murray, columnist, Boston Globe

The World War II chapters, written with passion, and a rare attention to detail, hold their own alongside the best writing I have read.
-Carol Brightman, Author of "Writing Dangerously: Mary McCarthy and Her World

The entire story is not only his life but our country's history. His words appear to draw a picture for us as he speaks of the Great Depression, World War II, and civil rights. His words express passion, sorrow, joy, and commitment. He gives us the feeling that we were there.
-Louise Rivelro-Mitchell, Author of "Autumn Sky"

Part of a letter to Rosa Parks, August 15, 2003:
I am sure you are inundated with books, especially from your fellow civil rights workers. But I want to bring to your attention a particularly fine memoir that has just been brought out----: Gringo, THE MAKING OF A REBEL by Emil Willimetz. I am sure this is one book that you will enjoy.
-Peggy Robinson, Senior Producer, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

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