GO WEST OLD MAN, A Father's Journey across America with His Son
by Max Barnet

ISBN 1-882521-03-X, 144 pages, Softcover
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Reviews in Brief:
This is a touching and poignant travelogue of sights and emotions as a father and son endure fifteen days of cross-country travel in a desperate effort to re-establish their love. Amidst the majestic mountains, plains and rivers, the real journey is across uncharted feelings between Harry and Danny. Both long to know one another, but fear and pain obstruct their passage, as they both learn that getting lost on this trip means more than just making a wrong turn. They are lonely, even when together, and their hope is the only beacon to guide them in this remarkably honest memoir.
William D. Bushnell
Reviewer for Publishers Weekly

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Go West Old Man continues in the great American literary tradition of philosophical travelogues, worthy of sharing a shelf with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and even On the Road. Harry's journey across America with his grown son opens a dialogue as wide as the midwestern plains. The two generations, born from vastly different Americas, can never be reconciled, but they can understand each other. And in a disarmingly frank dialogue, Harry confronts his past, and his assumptions about what the rest of his life holds. Throughout this thoughtful account of a two-week trip, the American landscape, both awesome in natural beauty, and garish and tacky in its exploitation, is itself a character with which the reader must contend. Go West Old Man is a satisfying, readable trip, written from the heart.
Tom Groening,
Editor, The Republican Journal, Belfast, Maine

The Dedication:
This book is dedicated to all fathers and sons who seek peace between themselves, and to all mothers who seek to understand the dynamic between their husbands and their sons.
Max Barnet

The Theme:
There must always be a struggle between father and son, while one aims at power and the other at independence.
Samuel Johnson

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