Barbara Kramer's poignant novel

The Bud Wilson
Dream Book

ISBN 1-882521-05-6, 281 pages, Softcover
List price $12.95

The Crucial Question:
Why does the famous, flamboyant, late night talk show host, Bud Wilson, become involved in ritual of wee small hour coast-to-coast telephone calls with Sally Stone, grieving New Jersey widow?

WINNER of The Maine Arts Commission Individual Fellowship Award

Reader and Reviewer Comments:

It is everything a good novel can be. The cleverly constructed story tugs the reader along.
Tom Groening, Republican Journal, Belfast, ME

Not only about loss and power, hype and honesty, it is about that potent brew - dreams and poetry...
Hannah Seymour, Kennebec Journal

A story of the unexpected emergence of a person. (Kramer) has the gift of compelling writing.
Donna Gold, Maine Times

The Bud Wilson Dream Book is a powerful, funny novel about loss and emptiness. As wacky as the novel is, it is built on a wholly credible premise. Sally's dream life touches down and she carries the reader with her, through stages of grief, healing, and growth, on a poignant, often hilarious, modern day adventure. Congratulations, Barbara Kramer.
Geof Hewit, author and poet

The Bud Wilson Dream Book is the most imaginative of all the fiction I read for the Maine Arts Awards. Barbara Kramer achieves a kind of poetry in the wonderful letters Sally Stone receives about the dreams late night television viewers weave around TV host, Bud Wilson.
Suzanne Brown, author, teaches creative writing at Dartmouth College

A lovely, whimsical plot. An engaging cast of characters, a surprise ending, or two, or three...
Ellen La Conte, Feminist Times

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