Beyond the Bottom Line

by Hugh Aaron
- Based on the first-hand experiences of a creative CEO, the essays in this collection are of unsurpassed value to anyone in business or about to be. They cover a range of business topics not discussed in the first volume of Business Not As Usual, Aaron's previous book on business management. They continue the author's own story of the struggle that is business, and the role that human relationships play.
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How to Win Managing a Company
through Hard and Easy Times

by Hugh Aaron
- Concrete and powerful essays on how to run a business, based on experience, not theory. This book is being used in business school classrooms; some chapters have been copied entirely into other texts. Eight of its 68 sub-chapters were published in the Manager's Journal column of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. Some comments from readers and reviewers: "knocking my socks off, a jewel," "A delightful book, I like its direct and refreshing style, as well as the validity of his examples and the honesty of his reactions." "an engaging business memoir," "candid and wise," "refreshingly unacademic, so effective as a tutorial manual for running businesses today."
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Notes of a Neurotic Entrepreneur:
His Trials, Failures, and Victories

by Max Barnet
- A business novel with locomotive force, rare in its honest presentation of the drama of business. The author holds nothing back in this story about running a small manufacturing company. He writes of the double dealings, the betrayals and petty dishonesties, as well as the acts of generosity, trust and loyalty that occur in his relationships with his employees, his customers, the bank, his friends, his wife and his mistress. Revealing his deepest conflicts, fears and doubts, brutally self-aware, the protagonist is DRIVEN to succeed, and does so at great personal cost. Reviewer comments: "A crackling novel, damn near Shakespearean in its drama, psychology and insight." "No one should get and MBA until they've read DRIVEN." "A tale worth telling." "Every business person and the spouse of every business person should read this book."
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