How to Win Managing a Company through Hard and Easy Times

by Hugh Aaron

ISBN 1-882521-00-5, 240 Pages, Softcover
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A Description of the Book
Consisting of 68 narrative essays, this is a candid account of a CEO's successes and failures managing a company through twenty years of hard and easy times.
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It's the story every CEO in America should tell, but won't.
It's the truth, and it will surprise you.

Read about:

  • What makes entrepreneurs different. Why they fail or succeed.
  • How a CEO successfully copes with recession - and a rebound.
  • A prescription for improving productivity.
  • An outline of an incentive plan.
  • How to sell a business.
  • Practical wisdom running a business. A CEO's worst mistakes.
  • The fundamental role of a business's culture.
  • What's wrong with American business.
  • And much more

Ten sub-chapters are expanded versions of articles that have appeared in the Manager's Journal column of The Wall Street Journal, Business Marketing magazine and Plastics News. To date the author has contributed 18 articles to the Manager's Journal column.

Comments from Readers

"Thank you for sharing your great wisdom and marvelous understanding with all of us."
Dean Charles W. Jermy, Jr.
School of Continuing Education, Cornell University

"I read your Wall Street Journal article -- an excellent and provocative piece"
Howard J. Claussen,
Director, Mergers and Acquisitions Dupont

"An engaging business memoir...your technique of presenting the problems facing a small businessman in terms of concrete parables of your own experience is highly effective -- more effective, certainly to my mind, than generalized and stylized catch phrases and dry primers..."
Scott Meredith, President
Scott Meredith Literary Agency, Inc.

"[a] delightful book. I like [Aaron's] direct and refreshing style, as well as the validity of his examples and the honesty of his reactions. He has done a fine job"
Harry Levinson, Ph.D.,
Chairman, The Levinson Institute

"'s knocking my sox off. A jewel."
Harvey Mackay
Author, Swimming with the Sharks

"it is clear [Aaron] has many good ideas and expresses them clearly."
Dr. David Campbell,
Center for Creative Leadership

From the Publisher
Business Not As Usual
describes in sixty-eight down-to-earth narrative essays crucial issues that commonly arise when running a business, and their surprising and rewarding turn-arounds. For a decade the author's company was a virtual management laboratory that developed innovative methods for motivating employees and improving productivity leading to skyrocketing profitability. Based on the first-hand experience of a creative CEO, these essays are of unsurpassed value to anyone in business or about to be. The author, a graduate of The University of Chicago, and CEO of his own manufacturing company for twenty years, has, to date, contributed nineteen articles to the Manager's Journal column of The Wall Street Journal.

From the Author
My theme throughout this book is: Accept responsibility for what happens; face the truth no matter how brutal it is; and don't expect to find quick fixes and easy solutions.

An Excerpt:
From Chapter 1, The CEO's Reward: Any man or woman who leaves a secure, well paying job to start a small business has just made the least business-like decision in his or her entrepreneurial career. It borders on the irrationality of choosing a marriage partner. Even then we generally know what to expect from a spouse. But what do we expect from a business?

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